• River bank development (Flood management program) – Inundation mapping and flood management measures, including river bank development)
  • Emergency Response System (Early warning and evacuation system) – Emergency Operations Center with real time surveillance using citywide CCTV and communications network
  • Earthquake Resistance Structural Audit and Building level inventory and multi-hazard risk mapping, with focus on seismic risk
  • Safety plans of lifeline buildings (hospitals, fire stations, police stations, schools, power and communication installations), including retrofitting if required
  • Social protection plan and capacity building, covering safety of women, children, persons with disabilities from disasters
  • Establishment of community based trained task forces, anchored with educational institutions for sustainability
  • Local forecast through weather station grid
  • Rapid warning dissemination through multiple media, including SMS, USSD, social media & instant messaging apps.
  • Fire-fighting including hydrants, fire stations and developing plans for evacuation, and search and rescue, including community based approaches
  • Relief shelters identification, per-positioning and relief shelter inventory
  • Training and awareness on response, across all stakeholders